My Teenage Angst diary reading packed with stories of perms, popularity and prudes.

As a willing participant at Friday night’s My Teenage Angston-stage diary-reading event, I had some pre-show fears.......READ MORE


Wednesday tickets are $12

Friday July 22 "The Queer Edition"

is $20


August 3, October 5, & December 7 

and The Queer Edition Friday July 22

all show are at

Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret

1601 Arapahoe St.  Downtown Denver

Teenage Diaries—Decades Later—Mortify and Entertain
On stage, adults dredge up their youthful ruminations on crushes, tans, telepathic animals  

Comic Timing: My Teenage Angst readers revisit their innermost thoughts from their ‘tweens, teens and twenties 

Krista takes a seat on the stage and begins to read, “I don’t want him to slip out of my life like yesterday’s trash, so I gave him my beloved Speedo shirt....READ MORE


Best Way to Publicly Embarrass Yourself and Still Have Fun

Looking through your old journals can be fun, but reading from them while you're on stage in front of a room full of strangers somehow makes the experience incredibly awesome. From first-period nightmares to tales of selling kids fake LSD, the true stories keep spilling out during the monthly My Teenage Angst, each one more painfully true than the next. My Teenage Angst might be the most fun you'll have at a bar without having a drink. It's definitely more fun than being a teenager.

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Adults get on stage and share their most shameful adolescent moments for our entertainment.  Dig up your teenage diaries, yearbooks, and notes passed in class and be part of the show Denver’s Westword called the “Best Way to Publicly Embarrass Yourself and Still Have Fun.”